Why Jim Carrey is Wrong About the Catholic Church

The comedian/actor Jim Carrey tweeted earlier this week a hateful message about the Catholic Church mocking the sacrament of confession and the Church's teaching on sexuality. Here they are:

I get ppl's need 4 absolution bt being cleansed by a skunk won't make u smell better.You can ask God directly. #themiddlemanispopeless ;^•>+

I knew the sickess in the catholic church all stems from the denial of human sexuality.Gay or straight. #denyingsexleavesyoupopeless 8^•>+   

I don't know about you but i may go off the rails if they don't find a new Pope soon! #lifeispopeless

There r good Catholics bt if a good woman allows her kids 2 b molested by their step father bcuz she's afraid 2 b alone, is that good? ;^\>+

I just think denying who u really r while telling others who 2 b is hypocracy,but hey,worship wherever you want.U have my blessing. ;^P>+

Jim Carrey is very successful in Hollywood because he's very funny, not because he's informed or even coherent about the Catholic faith in which he was raised. I would inform Carrey that he's wrong on many counts when it comes to the Catholic Church.

I can't read Carrey's mind, nor would I want to. But it seems that Carrey probably read something about that ridiculous (and discredited) theory that some super secret gay cabal had forced Pope Benedict XVI to resign. I don't know what else to make of some of his comments.

While Hollywood demeans sex to a matter of assent and self pleasure, the Catholic Church teaches that sexuality is a beautiful gift from God and that sex can be a great source of holiness when it's between a man and wife and open to the transmission of life. Far from denying sexuality, the Catholic Church celebrates it and seeks the greatest good from it. Acts of sex that don't live up to that, separate ourselves from God and ourselves.

Does that sound like denying sexuality? Would Carrey argue that Hollywood, on the other hand, is a bastion of sexual sanity? Isn't it actually Hollywood that denies the full meaning of sexuality.

And there's one more thing - the Catholic Church only accepts volunteers. So I don't understand why there's all this hatred for the Catholic Church. If you don't like the Catholic Church, don't be a Catholic. But comparing priests to hypocritical skunks and then tweeting out your "love" for all in a later tweet seems to me to be a bit hypocritical. Can you believe it? Hypocrisy coming out of Hollywood.