The Worst Most Perfect Catholic Story of 2018

Controversy about who's singing what for the Pope.

(photo: Pixabay/CC0)

This is it! It's the perfect story to precisely encapsulate our era of deranged self absorption, lunacy, and apathy. It couldn't be better. Put this story in a time capsule and if anyone ever wants to truly understand how things were going in 2018, just dig it up and appreciate this topsy turvy headspinningly awful story that I'm about to lay on your mind and soul.

The Irish Post reports that a Catholic guy who was the runner-up on a popular talent show called "You're a Star," which I assume is similar to American Idol, was upset that the guy who actually won the contest was asked to perform for Pope Francis because the guy publicly endorsed a "yes" vote on abortion in the recent referendum.

Here's the details:

You’re A Star runner-up James Kilbane – a devout Catholic – says O'Donnell should not have been considered for the gig after he supported a 'Yes' vote in Ireland's abortion referendum. It comes after O'Donnell and fellow country music star Nathan Carter were announced among the big names who will perform in front of Pope Francis at Croke Park on Saturday, August 25. Over 75,000 people are expected to attend the gig during the Festival of Families 2018, but rival crooner Kilbane is unlikely to be among them. He told the Irish Sun: ”How can Daniel O’Donnell perform for the Pope when his Yes stance in the gay marriage referendum was directly opposed to the Catholic Church here?

Seems like a reasonable point, right? The winner of the show publicly advocated liberalizing abortion laws and now he's invited to perform for the pope just a few short months later? I mean, isn't that a little confusing for faithful Catholics? Might it lead some to believe that the Church isn't all that serious about the sanctity of life business?

Now, to be fair, some might think it's just sour grapes by O'Donnell because he lost to this guy on the show so he's getting a little chippy. But hold on, a priest who famously performed REM's "Everybody Hurts" on a similar show called "Britain's Got Talent" also chimed in about this event! And he too was VERY UPSET about the goings on as well. Your hopes are up, right? You're thinking that a brave courageous priest (who sings on television in his spare time) is standing up publicly for the sanctity of life, right? He IS upset. Buuuuuuuut, not exactly upset about the same thing.

Meanwhile, Britain's Got Talent star Father Ray Kelly has been left similarly outraged by news Nathan Carter will perform REM's 'Everybody Hurts' alongside a choir at the event. The singing priest, who went viral after performing the hit on BGT earlier this year, made the ironic claim that Carter should not perform "my song" – although REM might have something to say about that.
Fr Kelly said: "Nathan has no history of performing Everybody Hurts. He has never recorded it and I’m sure he is well aware of my performances on Britain’s Got Talent. "If I was as big as Nathan Carter, and he was me, I would never do this to another performer. "I’m shocked but my parishioners have also been calling me to say they are outraged about him taking my song."

What more needs to be said? What more could be said? I give you the perfect story encapsulating this horribly clear snapshot of our time. Weep at your leisure.

Bonus: Here's Fr. Kelly singing his own reworked version of "Hallelujah." He's the one in front of the tabernacle.