The Rise of the “Amazonian” Elites, Women Priests & Artificial Ecumenism, And More!

The Best In Catholic Blogging

The Rise of the “Amazonian” Elites – Joshua Hren, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine +1

Women Priests & Artificial Ecumenism – Fr. Dwight Longenecker +1

A Dowager Of The Spirit Of Vatican II Has Gotten A Dose Of Her Own Medicine – Fr. Z’s Blog

Pope Francis & Teilhardian Evolution: Program for the Amazonian Synod – Rosary to the Interior

Book Review of Fr. George Elliott’s Discernment Do’s & Don’ts – Fr. Matthew Stehling at Catholic East Texas

Bring Back Traditional Dating – Andrea Bear at Catholic Stand

How Long Before The Courts Address The Construct Called “Age”? – Randall B. Smith, Ph.D., at The Catholic World Report

Changed, Not Ended – Fr. Joseph Gill at Ignitum Today

What True Accompaniment Is: Urban Examples – Amy Welborn at Charlotte Was Both

Reconciliation Revisited II – Dan Byron at Catholic Stand

The Transgender Moment – Michael Cook at Mercatornet

Alas For Fortress (Catholic) Poland – Rod Dreher

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