Praise Broke St. Paul’s Chains — and Praising God Is What Will Break Your Chains Too

“Prayer of praise is entirely disinterested and rises to God, lauds him, and gives him glory for his own sake, quite beyond what he has done, but simply because HE IS.” (CCC 2649)

Guide Reni, “The Assumption of Mary,” 1637
Guide Reni, “The Assumption of Mary,” 1637 (photo: Public Domain)

You’re probably making a very common mistake with your prayer life, making it more about you than about God.

However, I’ve got a simple fix that I can sum up in one word: praise. An attitude of praise toward God will revolutionize your prayer life. It’ll revolutionize your life, period!

Praise cultivates gratitude, reminds you of who you are and of who God is, and opens your heart to a deeper relationship with God and others. In this video, I give you some extremely practical advice about how to bring the power of praise into your daily prayer.

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