The Facebook Meme that Proves that We Live in a Culture of Death

You've probably seen this by now:

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The image is all over Facebook and Pinterest, since evidently lots of folks think it makes a great point about the problems with abstinence education and the pro-life viewpoint. I'll leave it to Mindy Goorchenko to point out the flaws in the analogy and offer a far better one. What I want to discuss is how very much it reveals about the pro-choice position, and the death-obsessed mentality that fuels it.

Let's take a look at the caption immediately below the little boy. It reads:

And if you do, by chance, find yourself struggling with drowning, then no life-saving or otherwise procedure or act should be allowed to be administered.  You got yourself into this mess, you have to live with the consequences. YOU SHOULD SEE DROWNING AS A GIFT.

When they first start in on this analogy, one can give the creators the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they're using the tragedy of drowning as a general stand-in for a vague concept like "unintended consequences of sex." But it's that last, bolded, all-caps line that clarifies beyond question exactly what this graphic's designers and its supporters think about new babies that arrive outside of carefully planned timelines. When you read that line, "YOU SHOULD SEE DROWNING AS A GIFT," it stuns the conscience when you realize:

They just compared the birth of a baby to a horrible form of death.

I would actually like to see this graphic get wider distribution, only because it proves that the culture of abortion and contraception is a culture of death -- and it does so in its own words. Chastity and pro-life advocates have long said that when people live in a state of active rejection of new human life, expecting to be able to engage in the pleasurable aspects of human sexuality without an openness to any children who may come along (unexpectedly or otherwise), they will begin to lose respect for human life. They will come to worship the idols of autonomy and self. One of their greatest fears will be being burdened by others -- so much so that they even wish the deaths people who threaten to inconvenience them.

This theory states that people who are immersed in the culture of contraception and abortion will eventually come to confuse life with death and death with life.

And this graphic just proved it.

It also reminds us how much folks who hold this worldview are in need of prayer. It's the product of decades of misinformation about human sexuality, an outgrowth of the fact that millions of people have tried to live according to the rules of secular culture, only to find themselves hurting and scared as a result. This image radiates anger, fear, and pain. And in doing so it reminds us that we shouldn't see those who create or re-post memes like this as our enemies, but rather as confused people who need our prayers.

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