Simple Sidewalk Stand Leads Many To Convert, Twitter Labels Mother Teresa As Hate Speech, and More!

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From A Simple Sidewalk Stand, This Group Is Leading Many Into The Catholic Church  John Burger at Aleteia +1

Watch: Twitter Official Can’t Answer Why It Deemed Pro-Life Quote From Mother Teresa “Hate Speech”  Corinne Weaver at Life News +1

God’s Desire to Unleash Love Through Our Suffering  Constance T. Hull at Catholic Exchange

Countering Identity Politics By Portraying the Father as a Gray-Haired Man  David Clayton at New Liturgical Movement

Can You Doubt That 2 + 3 = 5?  Edward Feser, Ph.D.

Immoderate Desires IV: The Deadly Sin of Envy  Anthony S. Layne at Catholic Stand

A Historical Timeline of Notre-Dame Cathedral  Alex R. Hey at epicPew

Legally Right Versus Morally Right  Tom Collingwood at Catholic Stand

St. Albert the “Great Fundraiser”  Brice Sokolowski at

Notre-Dame de Paris: Jewel of France

No First Amendment? In Canada, Calling A Trans Woman A 'Biological' Man Is Hate Speech  Julia Duin at Get Religion

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