Safety Last, This Is The Ultimate Guide For Altar Servers And Other Ceremonies, And More Links!

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Safety Last – Robert Royal, Ph.D., at The Catholic Thing +1

This Is The Ultimate Guide For Altar Servers & Other Ceremonies – Jessica McAfee at epicPew +1

Writings of the Church Fathers: Intercession of the Saints – Pamela Mandela at Catholic Stand

A Vestment by Gothic Revival Master Sir Ninian Comper at Walsingham – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal

Religion & Conflict: Fight, Flight, or Talk? - Dennis Dillon at Catholic Stand

Confessors are Doctors of Souls – Maura Roan McKeegan at Catholic Exchange

The Protestant’s Problem with Polyamory – Douglas M. Beaumont at Catholic Answers Magazine

But What If You Pray & the Suffering Doesn’t End? – Tom Hoopes at Aleteia

A Catholic Style Guide – Justyna Braun, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

St. Cardinal Newman on Friendship for the Lonely - Thomas Dompkowski at Clarifying Catholicism

Historic Implications of Recent Supreme Court Case Stretch Back to “Roe v. Wade” – Russell Shaw at The Catholic World Report

Did You Know? Why Saint Arnold Is the Patron Saint of Brewers – Billy Ryan at uCatholic

Don’t Cancel Masses in Order to Avoid Crowds & the Spread of the Corona Virus, Add Masses! – Fr. Z's Blog

Adding Prayers to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass Against the Pandemic – Gregory DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement

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