Register Radio: Same-sex "Marriage" and Top Films of 2011

Thomas McDonald and Steven Greydanus

Today on Register Radio, Thomas McDonald, correspondent for the National Catholic Register, provides a thorough history of so-called “same-sex marriage” legislation in the state of New Jersey. Democrats in the legislature have introduced same-sex marriage legislation despite already having a civil union law which permits same-sex unions. “They got civil unions, which is marriage in all but name, but that wasn’t enough,” said McDonald. “This is a cultural battle.”

In our second half, National Catholic Register film critic Steven Greydanus provides a look at his top film picks of 2011. He spoke about why the documentary “Buck” is one of his must-see’s, he talked about the similarities between the family films “Soul Surfer” and “Dolphin Tale,” and he explained why “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” made the list. To find out, listen to the show.

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