Print is Dead—Or Is It? Another Catholic Publishing Quiz

Who publishes the Daily Roman Missal? My Imitation of Christ? The works of St. Thérèse of Lisieux?

(photo: Pixabay/CC0)

In our last quiz on the subject of Catholic publishing, we noted that, despite lamentations that “print is dead,” more people than ever are reading—and that the publishing industry in general is enjoying a renaissance through audio books since they are so popular and inexpensive to produce.

Since the response to the quiz was generally favorable, here’s the second part of  “How much do you know about Catholic Christian Publishing — past and present!” As always: no use of Google, Wikipedia — and, of course, no wagering!

  1. This Midwestern publisher is named after a Doctor of the Church who took two doctorate degrees at age 16. They publish books and a magazine — and are located in a town in Missouri named after him. What’s his name?
  2. Theology of the Body For Beginners is published by a company located in West Chester, Pennsylvania—not to be confused with Westchester, New York. Can you name it?
  3. Before being bought out by Kendall Hunt, this New York City publisher called itself “The Printers to The Holy See and the Sacred Congregation of Rites”—and was founded by a couple of brothers, whose name still appears as an imprint. Who is it?
  4. Located in Garden City, Long Island, this now-defunct publisher produced titles such as The Meddlesome Friar and The Wayward Pope: Savonarola and Pope Alexander VI, A Popular History of the Reformation by Philip Hughes, Great Catholics in American History by Theodore Maynard, and A Practical Catholic Dictionary by Jessie Corrigan Pegis. Hint: It begins with “H” and has “House” in its name.
  5. Now a religious wholesaler, this Brooklyn publisher produced A Father’s Manual: Prayers and Directives for Married Men by Fr. A. Francis Coomes, S.J.—which is still in print. Who is it?
  6. For years—decades, in fact—seminarians studied from the Sacrae Theologiae Summa, a 6-volume work published in Spain. It was then and is now still known as “The BAC” after the publisher’s acronym. (Hint: it’s been translated into English by Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J. and published by Keep The Faith Publishing). Who is BAC?
  7. Once the pride of Gagetown, Michigan, this now-shuttered Catholic publisher, who translated works from Brepols Press in Belgium, printed hand-held missals and devotionals.
  8. This New York City-based Catholic publisher had a minor hit with their illustrated Catholic Family Book of Novenas—which contained novenas for everyone from St. Anthony to St. Maria Goretti. Can you name them?
  9. In 2010 Fr. James Socias published his 2,500 page Daily Roman Missal for this Midwestern Publisher—and dedicated it to St. Josemaría Escrivá.
  10. Perhaps most famous for their 1955 edition of My Imitation of Christ, strikingly illustrated by Ariel Agemian, this Brooklyn-based publisher was recently acquired by TAN Books.
  11. Eighty years old, this Baltimore Catholic purveyor of religious goods still produces devotionals such as The Way of the Cross by Rev. Charles J. Keating. Can you name them?
  12. Which aptly-named publisher probably carries the widest selection of works from Carmelite authors such as St. Teresa of Avila, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) and St. John of the Cross?
  13. Which traditional Catholic publisher takes its name from a Counter-Reformation cardinal known for his historical works?
  14. Beacon Publishing, which specializes in bulk discounts on books such as Finding True Happiness (not to be confused with another book with the same title from Ignatius Press) and Fit for Heaven (which contains interviews originally seen at the National Catholic Register), changed its name last year to what?
  15. This is the publisher of St. Faustina Kowalska’s Diary, as well as Fr. Michael Gaitley’s bestsellers.
  16. Karl Keating was already an Ignatius Press author when his apologetics organization started publishing its own books under what title?
  17. In 1961, two of the oldest publishers in the world, located at two of the most ancient universities, collaborated on an entirely new translation of the Bible, which they named “The English Bible—with The Apocrypha”. They get into this quiz on a technicality since both universities were, originally, Catholic—and still have one Catholic college on each campus. What are they?


  1. Liguori, after St. Alphonsus Liguori, founder of the Redemptorists
  2. Ascension Press
  3. Benziger Brothers
  4. Hanover House
  5. William J. Hirten, Co. Inc.
  6. Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos (Madrid)
  7. A.G. Mosack and Sons
  8. John J. Crawley & Co.
  9. Midwest Theological Forum
  10. Confraternity of The Precious Blood
  11. Barton-Cotton, Inc.
  12. Institute for Carmelite Studies
  13. Baronius Press
  14. Wellspring Books
  15. Marian Press
  16. Catholic Answers Press
  17. Oxford and Cambridge University Presses