PETA Ad Features Baby as Main Course for Thanksgiving

The nutjobs at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) always try to get noticed for how loony they’ve actually become. And let’s be honest, they do a good job at that. Well, this week, they’ve outdone themselves.

According to the LA Times:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals put its Thanksgiving baby feast up for display in Philadelphia and, most recently, on Tuesday in Baltimore.

“They set up a table” on a Baltimore sidewalk, PETA media coordinator Adam Miller told the Los Angeles Times, “like a Thanksgiving spread, with silverware and plates and stuff and the baby in the middle.”

Not a real baby but a doll, he said, and the display featured signs that read, “Everybody’s somebody’s baby.”

Forget, of course, that the crazies at PETA don’t see any difference between a human baby and an animal. That doesn’t even shock me anymore. What shocks me here is just how poor the marketing is if their aim is for Americans to treat animals better.

What is PETA thinking here? They want us to treat animals like we do babies? Seriously? They’ve picked the wrong culture to shock people with what they are willing to do to children. Our national past time is killing children. We do it like it’s our job. 50 million killed and counting. To be fair there’s not as many abortion clinics as there are butcher shops but Big Abortion is trying. They’re making up for it in volume. And abortion’s about to get federal funding. They’re going big time.

And let’s face it, vegetarians are a heck of a lot more respected than pro-lifers. (And vegetarians are way more annoying as a whole than pro-lifers.)

So if PETA is trying to tell us we should treat animals like we do children, they should really aim a little higher. For the animals sake.

HT The Blaze