Now We Plainly See the Malice

This is the new normal and that just means we have to fight all the harder.

(photo: Pixabay/CC0)

What good can come from this current, insanely evil rush towards killing not only late-term, fully-developed babies in utero but, in fact, the out-and-out killing of newborns?

In my book, the Pro-Life Apologetics Manual, I outlined more than 200 pro-death arguments and refuted them flatly and plainly using nothing but science and logic.

But recent events have proven that all abortionists’ talk was just blather and misdirection. Abortionists never wanted a reasonable discussion―they want their hatred and blind fury to win their arguments. Facts and logic only get in their way. Consider how recent events have shown their true colors:

  • We now know the truth. Abortionists and their groupies never believed it was a matter of whether the baby was a “clump of cells” or not. They simply wanted to kill babies. They aren’t mollified in merely killing their own children―they want to kill those of others. Nolen volens. By hook or by crook—please excuse the imagery.
  • As to the pro-abortionists claiming that they wanted abortions to be “safe, legal and rare” — what they really wanted is for abortions to be common, ubiquitous and mandated under any circumstances including when children are born alive.
  • Though some might argue a fetus can’t feel pain before its 23rd week, I doubt there is anyone who would suggest that a baby on the verge of being born can't feel pain. However, the same liberals who insist that lobsters shouldn’t be boiled because it would be “cruel” pretend that the “magical” birth canal bestows the ability to sense pain along with citizenship and humanity. (In actually, lobsters need to be boiled because of deadly bacteria that may not be killed by merely cooking its flesh.) Human babies, on the other hand, actually feel pain and―it goes without saying―they’re human.
  • Pro-abortionists had always decried pro-lifers for using “inflammatory” language equating abortions and infanticide. Now we see their true colors. They don’t want to “burdened” by another human being. They’ll kill a zygote as quickly as they would a newborn. Take note next time the media highlights mother kills her young children — some crazed feminist will come to her assistance insisting that her rights “supersede” even those of her grade-school children. It’s happened before here and here.
  • Remember when Planned Parenthood insisted they were too poor to pay for pregnancy leave for their employees? That was a lot of nonsense considering they admitted having made record profits last year. By the way, they charge more for third trimester abortions—they can cost up to $2000. Anyone wanna bet they still won’t be giving moms a break? You can’t kill babies for a living and then pretend they are important enough to care for.
  • If feminists were truly concerned about women’s health, why would they want to push a third-trimester abortion, which even its advocated admit is the riskiest feticide possible?
  • If an abortion is a “human right,” why are abortionists now claiming that infanticide is their right also?
  • If birth is what magically grants a child both human and civil rights, then why are abortionists insisting on the right to kill a child which has been born and is, in fact, a separate legal entity, independent of her mother? They can’t have it both ways.
  • One of their long-since-unmasked myths was the silliness that a pre-born child who is dependent upon his mother for life is up for grabs, while a fully-viable baby who can live outside the womb is somehow “sacrosanct” and shouldn’t be harmed. The recent jubilation and desire for abortion until seconds before birth prove this an incontrovertible abortionist lie.
  • We now know that pro-abortionists were never interested in reflecting reality when they claimed that the “overwhelming percentage of Americans wanted abortion.” In reality, the greater percentage of Americans want restrictions on abortion. Further, extremely few want partial-birth abortion and even fewer want infanticide to be legal. Now, apparently, all that talk about democracy and the rights of the majority mean nothing to these heartless authoritarian mass murderers.
  • Abortionists and their toadies have always insisted that people’s bodies belong solely to themselves but a fully-formed baby has his or her own body unless feminists start claiming they actually have two heads, four arms, four legs and an entirely supernumerary set of organs―and sometimes the opposite sex’s genitals. The baby’s body belongs to him and no one has the right to interfere with his right to his own body.
  • “What about those babies who are the result of rape or incest or who are, otherwise, can impact their health of the mother?” This bit of flim-flammery that always comes up in a discussion about abortion is a rhetorical lie through and through. Pro-abortionists will lie and multiply that figure suggesting that the majority of pregnancies are mitigated by these three factors but this is not reflected in reality. In reality, only three percent of pregnancies are the result of incest, rape or otherwise involves the health of the mother. But abortionists intentionally ignore the by far larger 97 percent of the remaining pregnancies that would have to be sacrificed to pay for those 3 percent. If those stats were reversed, feminists would be up-in-arms crying that pro-lifers are somehow “deficient” in mathematics.
  • Abortionists claim to fight of the rights of minority women however, for them to do so, they have to make sure there are fewer and fewer of them by killing off their children. It’s insane magical thinking to think that by killing a black or Hispanic child that those communities would be somehow better represented in the future. But anyone who knows about the Nazi-loving eugenicists Margaret Sanger and Marie Stopes knows they wanted to destroy those they believed were genetically inferior to themselves. And, for the record, that meant, Jews, Catholics, Slavs, Asians and Africans. Apparently, only some women are equal to an abortionist.
  • If abortion under any circumstance is acceptable, why do feminists decry the fact that women in China and India, among other places ,are opting out of giving birth to the female babies? Men outnumber women by 70 million in those two countries alone. This has never happened in our species’ history. The consequences of having too many men who will not be able to find mates is driving men to drugs, alcohol and suicide. It also disrupts economies by distorting labor markets, reducing consumption and greatly increases violent crime, human trafficking and prostitution. China is now the world’s largest human trafficker.
  • They insisted that access to abortions were necessary to protect their right to free speech. However, they insist that anyone who opposes abortion shouldn’t be allowed be allowed to have free speech.
  • Abortionists claim to defend science but they refuse the scientific revelation that fetuses feel pain at 8 weeks of development. If they feel pain at 8 weeks old, what kind of torture would be in store for the hapless, innocent and defenseless child at 8 months?

When one is left defending a losing opinion not supported by facts or logic, emotions take their place. And there is no way to win an emotional augment except for capitulation, acquiescence or screaming at the top of one’s lungs.

A demonocracy is defined as government by an evil ruling elite that utilizes a bewitching façade of democracy to placate the hoodwinked. Folks, that’s what we’ve got here. One political party eagerly advocates for evil and demonizes those who oppose it while the other ruling party sits on its haunches not wanting to wade in on the battle.

The pro-abortion moment was never about free speech, self-determination or women’s health. It was only about hatred and insane self-destruction. It was all a part of the liberal, anti-humanist, anti-morality, pro-death, sexual licentiousness agenda that has proven itself time and time again to be false, inauthentic, immoral and dangerous. It was all about lies and misdirection. It’s always been a matter of hubris and selfishness as opposed to true compassion and love for humanity. I now know this definitively. You can’t kill innocent human beings and claim to be compassionate.

As Ray Bradbury explained in his 1962 macabre fantasy novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes, “To evil [people,] good is evil.” Abortionists who lie to themselves and to others are, as Pope Francis explained, are not merely sinners―they are morally corrupt and that is a whole lot worse.

Abortionists take after their father―the Father of Lies. Abortion is satanic and highly attractive to the morally corrupt narcissists that our society seems intent on breeding and celebrating. As horrific as all of this is, no one should be shocked. This is the new normal and that just means we have to fight all the harder.