Nigeria’s Endangered Christians, How Fasting Can Change Your Life for the Better, and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

A Hidden Slaughter: Meeting Nigeria’s Endangered Christians – Douglas Murray, Catholic Herald

How Fasting Can Change Your Life for the Better – ChurchPop

Ex-convict: We Need to End the Stigma Against Felons – Matt Hadro, Catholic News Agency

Are You a Parent Worried about Online Pornography? Read This Book – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald 

When Art Came to the Rescue: Prelates, Penance and Painters – Elizabeth Lev, Aleteia

There’s Been a “Profound Crisis” in the Liturgy Since Vatican II, Says Cardinal Sarah – ChurchPop

The Media’s Role in Social Discord – Vincent Ryan Ruggiero, Catholic Journal

The Radical Grace Documentary Is Dissenting, Misleading Propaganda – Ann Carey, The Catholic World Report

A Devotional: In The Image and Likeness of God – Brandon Schild, Catholic Stand

Hosts Brought to Altar at Communion, Not Before Consecration – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

The Stories of a Snack, Capris, a Mint, and a House – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand

The State of the Church in Contemporary Ireland – John P. McCarthy, The Catholic World Report

How a California Bill is Threatening Faith-based Codes of Conduct – Kevin J. Jones, Catholic News Agency

Classical Educators Optimistic about DeVos Appointment, Proposed Policies – Leslie Fain, The Catholic World Report

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