Mom Cross-Dresses Her Five Year Old

and hawks a book.

I once knew a man who was forced to box with his twin brother from the age of five.  Whoever lost got beaten up by Dad when he got home.  I think this woman is every bit the abusive parent he was.  If ever there was a justification for CPS, she is it.

Naturally, the hawkers of beer and shampoo at Today glorify this.  In a just world, their ratings would drop to zero and the producers and stars of the show would be pelted with mud in the street.  But since an audience with a normal sense of sexuality and its limits is an audience with little sales resistance, the tendency of our media class (whose first duty is to the manufacturers of beer and shampoo) is to instinctively glorify whatever they sense is opposed to sexual normality, such as cross-dressing children.  In the words of Uncle Screwtape, “A man with an obsession is a man with very little sales resistance.”

On the bright side, the media is doing a bang up job of conditioning the American public to accept the the Great Afghanistan Experiment in Multiculturalism we talked about in this space two days ago.