Michael Moore Jokes About Jesus Being Gay...At Georgetown!

This weekend, Georgetown University’s Lecture Fund “proudly” sponsored a talk by controversial filmmaker Michael Moore.

Moore is uninteresting to me. I don’t believe what he puts in his movies and I certainly don’t care about what he has to say. He bores me but sometimes what’s interesting is other people’s reaction to him.

As we all know, Georgetown’s relationship with Catholicism is a bit strained to say the least. You might recall that in recent years, Georgetown even covered up the “IHS” and the cross when Obama spoke at Gaston Hall.

Moore, a Catholic, gave a speech condemning capitalism (of course) also at Gaston Hall. Moore’s speech was replete with f-bombs (surprise surprise) but then Moore made a joke that I think was just over the line by intimating that Jesus was gay.

The Blaze reports:

Moore, who was raised Catholic, used Christian themes throughout his speech. At one point he joked that Jesus was gay.

“You know those 12 men Jesus was always hanging out with? Mhm,” he said to laughter.

The question of why Michael Moore, a self professed Catholic, would make a “joke” like that is beyond asking and doesn’t really interest me. But my question is why did this receive laughter at a self described Catholic university? Is Georgetown so far gone that this kind of idiocy is greeted with nothing other than laughter?

At what point does someone/anyone at Georgetown even raise an eyebrow at this kind of thing? I mean, Michael Moore is Michael Moore but is there any hint of Catholicism at Georgetown anymore to balk at this kind of stuff? Nobody at the university took offense at this? Nobody? I’ve looked over news articles and read blog posts about Moore’s talk but nowhere have I seen anyone with any connection with Georgetown say anything negative about his talk.

I know the Church is for the most part ignored at Georgetown but has it gotten so bad that Jesus is just a punchline now at Georgetown University? Nothing more?

I see Georgetown’s response was posted on the website Georgetown’s Lecture Fund?

Thanks for coming to our Michael Moore event at Gaston Hall. The Lecture Fund hopes that everyone found the dialogue interesting and thought provoking.

It’s certainly interesting and thought provoking.