Medjugorje Bombshell

In a dramatic move prior to the release of the final report on Medjugorje, The Papal Nuncio to the U.S. on behalf of the prefect of the CDF Archbishop Müller has issued instructions that no cleric or faithful may participate in any meetings, conferences, or public celebrations in which the authenticity of the apparitions are taken for granted.

This has come as a shock to many in the Medjugorje support community as there was an operating assumption that until final confirmation of inauthenticity, participation as if it were true was allowed by the faithful.

Undoubtedly, some future debate will center around what it means to 'take authenticity for granted." Is it simply sufficient when attending a conference or Medjugorje related celebration that one will accept the final determination of the Church even if one clearly anticipates that the apparitions are true?

Also undoubtedly, many will see this as the CDF tipping its hand as to what the final judgment on Medjugorje will be.

As a result of this letter, the appearance of Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic’s scheduled public apparitions in late October in the U.S. were immediately cancelled.


ht. Rorate Caeli