L’Osservatore Editor Speaks

Delia Gallagher has posted an in-depth interview with Gian Maria Vian, director of L’Osservatore Romano, at National Review Online.

In the interview, Vian replies in detail to charges that under his direction the Vatican newspaper has inaccurately represented President Barack Obama as not being pro-abortion. Edward Pentin reported about the controversy, in a Register article we titled, L’Osservatore Obama?

Vian’s answers to Gallagher’s probing questions don’t require much elaboration from the Daily Blog, but there is one area where we wish she had probed a lot harder. She didn’t press Vian for an explanation of how he can argue Obama’s presidential position on abortion is still uncertain, in light of Obama’s long string of appointments of pro-abortion individuals to posts where they will make key decisions involving the life issues, Obama’s repeal of the pro-life Mexico City Policy, Obama’s anti-life policy on embryonic stem-cell research, and other pro-abortion moves by the president since assuming office.

Given that clear pro-abortion record, we still can’t understand how Vian can defend his controversial statement that, “It is my clear conviction: Obama is not a pro-abortion president.”