Just in Time for the March for Life, GOP Punks Out on Abortion

This is deflating. Here I am running out the door to head down to Washington D.C. for the March for Life and I read that the House GOP dropped plans to debate a bill that would make late-term abortions illegal. The whole thing was sort of a show anyway since President Obama was going to veto it anyway. But that's the thing. Republicans don't even dare to bring up a show vote on abortion.

This on the day before the March for Life just shows why we can't get anywhere. According to polls, banning late-term abortions is supported by something like 70 or 80 percent of people. That means it would actually be good politics to raise this issue. But instead, they punk out on the unborn.

According to news reports, the GOP ran into objections from women and other Republicans lawmakers who "argued that that would put unfair pressure on women who often feel shame or fear retaliation if they report those assaults."

Let's be clear. The bill had nothing to do with shaming women. That's ridiculous. This is about upholding the right to life. And opposition to it is either fear of the media or fealty to their Planned Parenthood overlords.

This, however, does not make me less heartened to March for Life, it makes me want to go even more because I know that if we don't march for life, nobody will.