On Register Radio this week, I spoke with Father C. John McCloskey about the big news that’s on almost every Catholic’s mind—Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation.

I asked Father McCloskey a few questions, such as: How could the Holy Father resign? CEOs might resign but fathers can’t resign.  And will Pope Benedict’s resignation set a precedent for future popes? 

To learn how Father McCloskey responded to these questions and more, listen to the show.

In the second half of the program, Dan Burke spoke with Matthew Bunson, Church historian and author of The Pope Encyclopedia and We Have a Pope! Benedict XVI, the first Catholic biography of the Holy Father in the English language.  

After 8 pm on Feb. 28, we won’t have a pope. The Holy See will be vacant. The cardinals, from all over the world and who are under the age of 80, will gather in Rome in the early part of March to elect the next pope.

Calling the cardinals “the caretakers of the Church,” Bunson said, “They really only have on task and that is to oversee the election of Benedict’s successor.”

Bunson described the process through which the cardinals discuss ”what the Church needs today; where the Church is; what are some of the key points that they need to consider as they try to work with the Holy Spirit to find a candidate that is best suited to succeed Benedict XVI.”

To hear more about the preparations and proceedings for the election of a new pope, listen to the show.

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