Hope for Marriage

This guy gives us hope for marriage. Which is what we are looking for in part two in our series about where Catholics can find hope after the election.

Though marriage won big, we strike a note of caution in part two. Why? Because “There are two attitudes that kill political movements,” says the editorial. “One is wishful thinking. The other is discouragement.”

“It’s wishful thinking to believe that the current pro-marriage majority will last,” we continue. “If opposition to same-sex ‘marriage’ is based on prejudice, it is destined to fail. We have already seen a decades-long cultural project designed to change people’s attitudes toward same-sex couples. ... It’s working.”

“The younger generation, for instance, is solidly in favor of homosexual marriage,” we say, and note, “marriage only barely won among Latino voters — and there are far more of those in our future, too.”

“It’s simply wishful thinking to believe that the homosexual marriage battle is won. But the other danger is discouragement, which follows swiftly whenever wishful thinking’s bubble is burst. That’s because when our optimism is based on unreality, reality comes as an unwelcome intrusion. And there’s nothing scarier than the thought that reality is against you.”

However, “Reality is on the side of marriage,” we note, and we advocate ...

Well, I don’t want to give it all away here. Read the whole thing.

— Tom Hoopes