Eleanor Clift Says Planned Parenthood Performs "A Very Small Number of Abortions."

Since when is over 300,000 abortions a year a "very small number?" Not just a "small number." A "VERY small number."

Frequent abortion apologist Eleanor Clift reportedly recently said on the McLaughlin Group, "I do have a problem when they try to cut funding to Planned Parenthood which provides a lot of health services and a very small number of abortions."

I know you're shocked. Mostly because you had no idea that the McLaughlin Group was still on the air. Neither did I.

Funny thing is that leftists are always trying to explain that abortion is no big deal at all because it's not the taking of an actual human life or anything but then they try to minimize the number of abortions that are taking place. Why, if it's no big deal are they intent on minimizing it?

I've got to wonder though, how many abortions would be a large number to Eleanor?

If I were coming up with descriptors for 300,000 babies killed per year by Planned Parenthood it wouldn't be "a very small number." It would something like "horrifying" or "tragic."

You know what happened here, right? Eleanor is just parroting the Planned Parenthood talking point that abortion is a small percentage of what they do. You know, the whole 3 percent myth which even the Washington Post said was a lie. But the great part here is that Eleanor couldn't even be bothered to read or memorize the whole talking point. So, she's literally told what to think by Planned Parenthood so she can talk about it on a television show nobody realized was still on but she can't even be bothered to read the whole thing.

The crazy part here is that when Republicans talk about cutting funding to Planned Parenthood they're also talking about reallocating that money to other women's health centers that don't perform abortions. So these folks say that abortion is a very minor part of what Planned Parenthood does but it's actually the only thing that matters to them, otherwise they wouldn't be against it.

Here's the truth of it all - Planned Parenthood funds Democrats. Democrats fund Planned Parenthood. It's a nice situation for them. Not so much for the "very small number" of babies though.