Does This Ancient Prayer Release 1,000 Souls from Purgatory, A Foolish Dreamer Awakens, and More!

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St. Gertrude & Purgatory
St. Gertrude & Purgatory (photo: ChurchPOP/Public Domain)

Does This Ancient Prayer Release 1,000 Souls from Purgatory? Here’s the Astonishing Truth - ChurchPOP+++

A Foolish Dreamer Awakens in the Church at Last – Richard G. Evans, Catholic Stand++

Slaughter & Kill – Or – Love & Peace? Islam’s Koran is Clear – Steve Ray, Defenders of the Catholic Faith++

We Need to Think More Like Jesus; Dr. Ray Guarendi Book Review – Pete Socks, Catholic Stand

Another Really Bad Idea: Communion Pills – Fr. Z’s Blog++

The Eucharist & Altar Servers – Joel Arzaga, Ignitum Today

NFL’s Philip Rivers Inspires All With Latin Phrase – J.P. Mauro, Aleteia

Good News for the Church in Catholic Liberal Education – Michael van Hecke, Newman Society

C.S. Lewis & Aristotle on Civic Friendship – Micah Watson Ph.D., Mercatornet

Communist China: Business Forced to Remove Christian Signboards – Jiang Tao, Bitter Winter

Bronx Parishioners March in Support of Bishop Jenik, Evidence Shows False Accusation – David F. Pierre Jr.,

More New Reports on the Sex Abuse Scandals & Cover-ups - Big Pulpit

Vatican Announces New Archbishop for Kinshasa – Sister Bernadette Mary Reis F.S.P., Vatican News

UnChristian Equalities – Regis Nicoll, Crisis Magazine

Archimandrite Robert Taft, S.J., Requiescat In Pace (R.I.P.) – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

We Shall Meet – Fr. Benedict Kiely, First Things

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President Donald Trump during his speech at a "Thank You" Tour rally held at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pa.

President Trump: ‘Faith in God’ Helps Unite Nation

In an apparent reference to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and months of demonstrations and civil unrest across several U.S. cities over racial justice issues, Trump said that faith was an important support for civil and national unity.