Catholics in New Media: Spirit Juice

Spirit Juice Studios. They rock. Ever since I first saw their work I’ve been impressed. And they truly “get it” when it comes to using new media in the New Evangelization.

A bit about them from their website:

Spirit Juice Studios is a multi-disciplinary design studio comprised of individuals working mainly in the fields of web, print, motion design, and audio production. Based on the same idea of contemporary design for sorely-lacking Catholic entities, the studio was founded by Rob Kaczmark and Bernie Czerwinski in the summer of 2007.”

It’s refreshing to find more and more media companies in the Catholic world doing truly professional work. As Catholics, we have the best subject material - hands down. We have the Truth in full with a long, rich history filled with living examples of it. And I’ve long looked forward to when we would really start applying the impressive advances in multi-media production to the presentation of that Truth. The potential is huge. And it is going to have very significant implications as we continue to take the faith out into a desperate, and often hostile, world. We’ve had a slow start…but it’s beginning. And companies like Spirit Juice Studios are helping lead the way.

While they also do web/graphic design, event production, hosting/domain management and audio production, most of what I’ve seen from them is their video production. And they have some impressive clients, too, including, The Stoning of Soraya M, Catholic Heart Work Camp and L’Angelus.

Whether it’s a whole film, just a trailer, a promo video, a music video or anything else, you can be sure you’re gonna get something cool from Spirit Juice Studios. Here are a few samples of their work (below).

A demo reel:

Simply Catholic:

Nature’s Greatest Gift:

Notre Dame Response:

Research Down Syndrome:

One of my favorite bands, L’Angelus:

Check out the newly redesigned Spirit Juice Studios website for more of what they have to offer (and more of their videos here). You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Catholics in New Media is a weekly series highlighting something particularly awesome going on in the Catholic world of new media.