Catholics in New Media: Catholic Answers

This week’s Catholics in New Media highlights one of my long-time favorite Catholic resources: Catholic Answers (AKA  They are an outstanding defender and articulator of the Catholic faith. And were around online early enough to have snagged the coveted “” web domain. And I’m not sure we could have been blessed with a better representative for “” than Catholic Answers.

From radio shows and podcasts to seminars and cruises, a top-notch speaker line-up, world famous forums, This Rock magazine, an online Catholic encyclopedia, the best apologetic library on the internet and some handy tracts to share the truth with your friends, they’ve done a great job of embracing new media in their apostolate.  And they do so with absolute faithfulness to the magisterium of the Church. 

With apologetic heavy-weights like Jimmy Akin, Tim Staples, Karl Keating and many others behind the wheel, provides lots of solid answers to many of the tough questions plaguing Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Whether I’ve needed help defending a certain teaching of the Church or I’ve just wanted to take my own faith deeper, Catholic Answers has never disappointed me.

One of their resources that has repeatedly helped me is their “Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth” pamphlet. It gives an excellent, relatively short overview of the Catholic Church and God’s plan for us. I re-read it all the time to remind me of the foundational points of our faith. There’s an online version for free or you can order hard copies of it for very cheap.  I actually keep a few copies of it in the cupboard by my front door for when the Mormons or JWs stop by.  It’s nice to offer them something in return to thank them for their efforts.

Another handy feature on their website is their “search” feature. You can pretty much type in any question you have about the Catholic faith and get back tons of direct links to their library, forums, and This Rock archives addressing the topic. I highly recommend it.

And of course, when I get the time, I always try to listen to their always-informative radio show, Catholic Answers Live.

Here’s a promotional video of theirs:

Oh, and they also have an online store filled with catholic essentials. And of course using it supports all of the wonderful work they are doing.

Catholics in New Media is a weekly series highlighting something particularly awesome going on in the Catholic world of new media.