6 Catholic Ideas to Bolster Your Faith Life in 2024

Are you looking for new ways to grow in faith? Seeking spiritual enrichment for your daily routine?

Clockwise from left: May we look to Mother Mary, seek out Jesus and commit to growing in faith this year.
Clockwise from left: May we look to Mother Mary, seek out Jesus and commit to growing in faith this year. (photo: Unsplash and EWTN)

Are you looking for new ways to grow in faith? Seeking spiritual enrichment for your daily routine?

Here are some ideas to consider:


1. Look to Mary.

On Jan. 1, Pope Francis encouraged the faithful to entrust the new year to Mary, noting that “she will lead us to Jesus, who himself is ‘the fullness of time.’” 

Mother Mary is so dear to me, so I much appreciate the papal encouragement.

Whether praying the Memorare or arranging fresh flowers for a Marian memorial, I keep Our Lady close.

(Note: Abiding Together’s recent series on Our Lady was a blessed listen, too, as it was based on The Reed of God; it is a good way to ground your heart this new year. I am looking forward to the next season, starting Jan. 15.)

2. Take an EWTN online course.

Crystalina Evert and other well-known Catholic women present “Women Made New! EWTN Online Learning Series,” based on the EWTN Publishing book, which I  previously recommended for new year-reading

In her video, Johnnette Benkovic Williams reflects on her faith journey of reversion, highlighting the verse that has been an “anchor” for her: Ephesians 1:3-4, and she promises it is true for viewers, too.

“My name was ‘Chosen daughter of the Most High God,’” she discovered, as she realized her true identity, underscoring that same truth for series participants.

“God had a great plan in mind for me,” she continued. “He was inviting me to be full of his love and to be a conduit of his love for the world.”

In the accompanying meditation, she writes, “God is indeed everywhere, and that everywhere includes wherever you are.”

In addition, Catherine Hadro, in her video and meditation, underlines, “In the pursuit of holiness, we need to keep our eyes focused on Christ.” Indeed!

In this series, there is an accompanying prayer for each part, which makes the points of reflection even more personal.

Bonus: Father Joseph Mary Wolfe is also part of the “Women Made New!” series. Sign up for free at EWTN.com/womenmadenew.

Father Joseph Mary also offers an EWTN Online Learning Series, based on Mother Angelica’s book In His Sandals

In the video titled “God in the Details,” which corresponds with a chapter in  Mother Angelica’s book, Father Joseph Mary offers blessed reminders about the “incredible dignity that you have,” referencing St. Thérèse’s “Little Way” and lessons from St. John’s account of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish. (The Season 3 finale of The Chosen is worth a watch for how it recounts this particular miracle of Jesus (and I think you’ll also enjoy “Clean, Part 2” in that same season, though parental guidance is advised for the show’s opening. Have the tissues at the ready!)

Father Joseph Mary also discusses how Mother Angelica would remind the faithful “how much we depend on God for every single thing.” 

Blessed bonus: A prayer from dear Mother Angelica includes this heartfelt affirmation, “I trust you, Lord.”

Sign up for free at EWTN.com/inhissandals.

3. Learn more about a saint.

Reflecting on one of my favorite saints, Thérèse, this past fall, due to the recent papal exhortation, was a blessing. (Read the roundtable: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.)

Which saint would you like to learn more about? There are so many holy friends who can encourage you and intercede for you over the course of this year.


4. Study the words of the Church.

From Scripture to papal documents on St. Francis de Sales, be edified.

Ladies, I enjoy reading this Bible. What verse particularly speaks to you? It is always Jeremiah 29:11 for me. What passages move you? I am drawn to the miracles and the peace Jesus offers as he encounters each soul.

Speaking of the Bible, have you heard about this new study that starts Jan. 17?

And to delve further into the word of God, tune into EWTN’s new miniseries, A Biblical Way of Praying the Mass with Father Timothy Gallagher, which airs at 9 a.m. ET, Thursdays through Feb. 1, with encores at 6:30 p.m. ET, Fridays (for every episode except Episode 5). You can also watch on demand.  

5. Pick up a good read. 

Survey Register-recommended “book picks” and the books available at EWTNRC.com.

And may I recommend reading our print edition.

6. Spend time with Jesus.

Most of all, quality time with the Prince of Peace will bring your heart (and mine! ) peace.

I recall a particularly poignant time of adoration in my book:

The little child ran exuberantly over to the monstrance with the Host, a huge smile on his cherubic face. He pointed a chubby little finger toward the Blessed Sacrament.

“Jesus,” he said as best he could, still grinning from ear to ear.

His mother scooped him up, and together they stood peacefully for a few moments, inches from Our Lord, before returning to the front pew of the perpetual adoration chapel.

For the next few minutes, mother and child, together with the rest of the siblings, adored Christ.

I sat a few pews back, simply in awe. It was one of the most touching scenes I’ve ever witnessed. I felt privileged to be an observer — and extremely humbled as well.

That toddler’s enthusiasm reminded me what a gift adoration is. Adoring Our Lord in blessed silence is a gift.

Loving Jesus by spending time with Him is the greatest gift we can give Him and the greatest gift aside from receiving Him in the Eucharist that He can give us each day. ...

Kneel before Him, embrace His presence, and the matters of the world fade. The events of ten minutes ago and the ten to-dos that still need to be completed are suddenly far away. Christ is the focal point, and one’s heart is at peace.

Prayers for a fruitful year! God bless!