Are We about to See a Pogrom Against Christians in Turkey, A Society Built on Trust, and More Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

Three Fascinating New Books from Angelico Press – Peter Kwasniewski Ph.D., New Liturgical Movement

Are We about to See a Pogrom Against Christians in Turkey? – Alexander Lucie-Smith, Catholic Herald

Pope Francis, Henri de Lubac, and the Decentralizing of Church Authority – Samuel Gregg D.Phil., The Catholic World Report

Why I’m Catholic: Sola Scriptura Isn’t Scriptural, Part I – Kenneth Hensley, Catholic Answers

A Society Built on Trust – Fr. Matthew Schneider L.C., Catholic Stand

What Happened to Quebec: Catholicism’s Empty Quarter – George Weigel, First Things

Is Holy Communion Meant For The Perfect? – Fr. Basil Cole O.P., Truth and Charity Forum

An Excellent New Video on Ad Orientem Worship – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

Jesuit University Hires Infamous, Fired Mizzou Prof Melissa Click - Carl E. Olson, The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report

20 Saints Who Were Also Cherished Friends – Matt Vander Vennet, epicPew

The Most Holy Name of Mary: Optional Memorial – Liz Estler, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Why Christians and Muslims Worship Different Gods – Fr. Brandon O’Brien, Crisis Magazine

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