Activists vs. Church Tax Status

An L.A. LGBT Pride parade. A Calif. LGBT group is suing Maine Catholics.
An L.A. LGBT Pride parade. A Calif. LGBT group is suing Maine Catholics. (photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuon) reports that a group has filed a formal complaint with the Internal Revenue Service charging the diocese of Portland, Maine, with violating federal tax rules in the homosexual “marriage” fight.

An activist group for “transgendered” and “bisexuals,” as well as homosexuals, wants the Church’s nonprofit tax status revoked.

Empowering Spirits Foundation spokesman Tyler Davis is quoted saying: “The problem is, Marc Mutty, who is the public affairs director for the Catholic diocese of Portland, Maine, went onto public television stating that the Church itself would be behind — and this is his own quote — ‘the largest grassroots movement in Maine’s history’ to overturn same-sex ‘marriage’ in Maine.”

Mutty told that the Davis quote is accurate but that it doesn’t violate IRS rules.

“The claim that’s been filed is completely bogus,” Mutty is quoted saying. “The Catholic Church, or any entity for that matter, has every legitimate right — and is perfectly within their jurisdiction under the IRS code — to speak to issues. We’re not in a position to speak about candidates, ever, but we can certainly speak to issues and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

The same “transgendered,” “bisexual” and homosexual activist group filed a complaint against the Mormon Church in California, reports The issues involved will take years to clarify, the activists said.