A Fish Called Nancy Pelosi

By now, I am sure, you have all read about a series of statements by Nancy Pelosi on the topics of abortion and Catholicism.

As a recap, a reporter asked Ms. Pelosi to define the moral difference between the infanticide of Kermit Gosnell and the late term abortions that she vehemently favors.  She refused to answer the question saying only that everybody agreed what Gosnell did was reprehensible and then proceeded to attack the impertinent questioner. And then, then, she absurdly cited her Catholicism over the issue asserting that her abortion position is 'sacred ground.'

As a result of this exchange, Fr. Pavone of Priests for Life issued an open letter to Ms. Pelosi  criticizing her remarks and calling on her to stop asserting that 'her' Catholic faith in abortion's defense.  He ultimately called for her to change her position or renounce her faith.

Ms. Pelosi responded to the letter by mocking Fr. Pavone and its signers as 'hysterical' and 'unintellectual.'

So that catches you up.  I have seem alot of commentary on this exchange, but most of it misses the mark in my opinion.

The more thought that I gave this incident the more a clear picture began to form in my mind. 

Yes, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that Nancy Pelosi is invincibly ignorant and intellectually incapable of understanding any rational argument on this topic.  Further, everything in her life that she values: power, position, attention is wholly dependent on staying that way. 

You can see from her answers to these questions that she is wholly convinced of the intellectual and moral superiority of her immoral and absurd positions, while at the same time she is unable to form a complete sentence on the topic, never mind a coherent thought.  But deep down, like Kevin Kline's character in "A fish Called Wanda" she suspects and fears her intellectual defect so she lashes out at anything that might confirm it.

At the same time, her anti-intellectual positions have led her to the very pinnacle of power as leader of the Democrat death-machine in the House.  She is likely surrounded by people with multiple degrees that confirm her every position as the very summit of enlightened thought.

The combination of profound insecurity and intellectual deficit, coupled with her success and that she is surrounded by people who applaud and confirm her inanity as enlightenment:  I believe Nancy Pelosi to be invincibly ignorant.  I believe she is completely immune to any form of rational argument and only the Holy Spirit is capable of transforming her deformed heart and mind.  This is something we should pray for, just as soon as she is excommunicated.