7-Eleven Takes Big Gulp of Humility After Ham-Handed Hanukkah Message

Oh, thank heaven for 7-Eleven’s reminder that we’re all human, and sometimes we mess up

A sign for a 7-Eleven convenience store is seen at a store in Sydney on Sept. 1, 2015.
A sign for a 7-Eleven convenience store is seen at a store in Sydney on Sept. 1, 2015. (photo: Peter Parks / AFP via Getty Images)

Yesterday, the national convenience store chain 7-Eleven sent out a “Happy Hanukkah” email featuring a special meal deal.

Guess what the Hanukkah offer was. No, seriously, guess.

Whatever you guessed, it was probably wrong. Because here’s what they actually sent:

7-Eleven “Happy Hanukkah!“ email promotion from Nov. 30, 2021
7-Eleven “Happy Hanukkah!“ email from Nov. 30, 2021

Yes, 7-Eleven invited those celebrating Hanukkah to “sink your teeth into the new BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Roller. Stuffed with cheese and bacon, this hamburger roller might be our best one yet.”

This is the kind of thing that makes me grateful to Al Gore for inventing the internet. As you probably know, bacon is kind of a non-starter for our Jewish friends. And I’m wondering if that cheese is kosher. I’m betting on not.


I can imagine the poor Twitter dude who was in charge of 7-Eleven’s email campaigns having to run into his boss’ office and explain what just happened.

Today, 7-Eleven sent out a follow-up email saying, “Sometimes we mess up. You might have noticed that the wrong offer appeared in our email today. This shouldn’t have happened and we’re deeply sorry. We wish a very Happy Hanukkah to all of our fans observing this year.”

Okay, a couple of thoughts.

The first one seems really beside the point, but here’s my question: Does 7-Eleven really have “fans?” Is that the right word choice there?

But never mind that. This is the only time I’ll say this about a store that offers cheeseburger rollers, but I think that 7-Eleven is right: Sometimes we all mess up.

Maybe sometimes a mistake made on the internet doesn’t have to mean someone must be fired, doxxed, hounded or canceled. Yes, we might shake our heads. We might even laugh a little. But we’ve all been there, and maybe this is an opportunity to laugh at our own mistakes too. Apologize. Face them. Forgive.

I know this is the most un-internet advice ever, but let’s try not being predictably outraged.

Because I think we have a lot to learn from 7-Eleven here.

But not about the bacon cheeseburger rollers. I’m serious. Stay away from those.