5th Glorious Mystery: The Coronation of Our Lady

Mary is exalted by the Lord as Queen over all things

Fra Angelico, “The Coronation of the Virgin”, c. 1435
Fra Angelico, “The Coronation of the Virgin”, c. 1435 (photo: Public Domain)

Dear John, 

I’ve tried to write an article about meditating on the Crowning of Mary, Queen of Heaven and to be honest, it’s been hard. Why? For loads of reasons, all having to do with the idea of somehow explaining to you that while these examinations give a glimpse of how one delves deeper into the mystery being examined in the Rosary, it is only a glimpse. I worry these reflections can come across as too pat, too easy.

The reality of meditating on a mystery of the Rosary is just that, it’s always more than we can comprehend. So I hope you know, all these reflections are merely the beginnings of your mother’s understanding of these mysteries, and that you must also do this yourself. It is an ongoing and perpetual process because you can always fall deeper in love with God. It’s reassuring to know, you can always plunge deeper. You will never “get” these mysteries. You’ll only grow deeper in understanding.

Other mysteries we can link to our own lives, because we’ve all experienced moments where we find ourselves at the foot of the cross or in the fullness of joy at the visitation of a friend. We’ve been baptized, we’ve known parallel situations that were luminous, joyful or sorrowful. But these Glorious Mysteries, they’re more mysterious because they reveal God’s plan for us — and what an amazing plan it is. God’s prepared a place for us and wants us fully in Heaven.

Going back to the mystery of Mary’s being crowned queen of Heaven, every mystery reveals God’s love for us and how we’re to love God. Because Mary loved God perfectly, she holds the highest position in Heaven as Queen of Angels, Queen of Patriarchs, Queen of Prophets, Queen of Apostles, Queen of Martyrs, Queen of Confessors, Queen of Virgins, Queen of all Saints, Queen conceived without original sin, Queen assumed into Heaven, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, Queen of Families and Queen of Peace. I suspect the word queen remains somewhat removed or foreign to you. Consider that the One who made the stars, consented to be born of her, and thus crowns her with stars for having loved Him with her whole heart.

Here’s what your earthly mom knows. Having been given Mary as our mother and queen, I can promise you she’s there for us always — praying for us, praying with us, and offering us all her wisdom for the asking. I can tell you firsthand, she always answers. She always listens and gives each of us her full attention. She waits for an audience with each of our hearts. Pray with her and trust she loves you even better than your own mom, because she isn’t hampered by original or subsequent sin. Whatever situation you find yourself in, she’s there offering aid and good counsel. Ask the Queen of Heaven to help you love her Son more. You will find opportunities to love God presented to you. Ask the Queen of Heaven to help you love more, and you will find more opportunities to love. This Rosary, which brings all of us into these mysteries, is a gift designed to teach us how to love with our whole hearts, so we can one day join the Queen of Heaven, and see her son, the King of Kings, face to face.

 Love, Mom