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2 Years After Obama ...

Charges have been dropped against the ND 88, the protesters who were arrested for trespassing on the University of Notre Dame’s campus in the lead-up to President Obama’s speech there in 2009.

Pro-Life Initiative

In the wake of President Obama’s controversial visit to the University of Notre Dame, there has been mixed reaction to Father John Jenkins’ announcement that he will participate in the March for Life in Washington.

Indiana Marriage Battle

A city council bill that would have required more tolerance for homosexuality was narrowly defeated in the heavily Mennonite town of Goshen, Ind. And the vote had implications for the rest of the state.

‘Guilty of Praying’

Responding to a request that he drop the charges against people who protested President Obama’s appearance at the University of Notre Dame, the university’s president, Father John Jenkins, says that the case is out of his hands.

Notre Dame Hails Obama

President Obama called for dialogue on abortion — amid a baby’s cries — at the University of Notre Dame commencement May 17. Catholics respond.