Pope Francis and President Joe Biden
Pope Francis and President Joe Biden (photo: AM113 / Luca Perra / Shutterstock)

World Youth Day, and White House Abortion Policy

In our Editors’ Corner, Jeanette DeMelo and Matthew Bunson take a closer look at World Youth Day as hundreds of thousands of young people gather in Lisbon, Portugal. Also, Lauretta Brown joins us to discuss the latest White House challenges to U.S. abortion policy.

‘Abortion Pill’

Courts Look at the Abortion Pill, and More on the German Bishops (Dec. 16)

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up a key abortion case in 2024. The nation’s highest court will weigh in on how patients can access the widely used abortion pill mifepristone. The Register’s National Correspondent Lauretta Brown brings us this story and more from the Register’s coverage of abortion in the United States. But first we get an update on what seems to be a standoff between the Vatican and German Bishops from Jonathan Liedl, who has been reporting on this ongoing story from Rome.