The National Right to Life blog, on Feb. 11, spoke of Pope Benedict XVI’s defense of life during his pontificate: "Pope Benedict spoke frequently about the need to protect innocent human life and restore protection to all those threatened by practices such as abortion, infanticide, embryonic stem-cell research and physician-assisted suicide. He will be missed by many pro-lifers, and not only Catholics."

Others in the pro-life community also extolled his witness.

"Pope Benedict XVI has powerfully defended the unborn and protected rights of conscience during his papacy. This legacy will be remembered not only by those in the pro-life movement, but by all who honor the human person as unique and worthy of protection," stated Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life on Feb. 11 in a press release.

"Pope Benedict XVI, throughout his life, has consistently taught the modern world that genuine progress for humankind cannot take place without a renewed and radical commitment to the dignity of each human life," Yoest added. "The Pope’s contribution to defending the unborn and his support of rights of conscience transcend any particular religion and creed because these are basic human rights. … He has been a source of inspiration to men and women of good will around the world."