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The Empty Tabernacle, Crusader Myths, Cohabitation Harms Children, Single Catholics, and much more! (5984)

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04/22/2011 Comment

Tito Edwards of

The Empty Tabernacle - David G. Bonagura Jr., The Catholic Thing

Four Myths about the Crusades - Paul F. Crawford, First Principles

Cohabitation & the Abuse of America’s Children - W. Bradford Wilcox, Public Discourse

Meditation on the Crucifix for Single Catholics - Anthony Buono, 6 Stone Jars

Good Friday in Pre-Reformation England - Stephanie A. Mann, Supremacy and Survival: The English Reformation

How Does the Weakness of the Cross Make Us Strong? - Doctor Peter Kreeft, The Integrated Catholic Life™

When French Fundamentalists Attack - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Mount Adams at Midnight, Praying the “Steps” - Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons

The Hallel Psalms and the Last Supper - John Bergsma, The Sacred Page

Measure Twice, Post Once. . . - Anthony S. Layne, The Impractical Catholic

Church Burning Was “Deliberate” - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Where Will You Have Us Prepare for You to Eat the Passover? - Anna Arco, Catholic Herald

This will be a continuing series from Monday through Saturday twice a day, that I will be contributing for the National Catholic Register.  This will be very similar to what you see on

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