Thank you so much to everyone who donated in our “double your money” campaign. After the first weekend, I thought it would be a cinch. But then when we hovered at the brink this afternoon, I thought the “one piece left” syndrome would kill us.

You know how there’s often just one piece left in a pizza box because everyone assumed someone else would get it? Well ... our general manager says the last sliver we needed is gone. We made it! (I’ll put the final total here when I get it)

So now I am here to say Thanks! to all who donated. I’m told that, though there were one or two bigger donations that frankly made it possible for us to reach our goal, there were also lots of amounts in the $10-$100 range.

That means people who themselves might know what it means to scrape to make ends meet are reaching out to help us scrape to make ends meet.

Thank you all for reading the Register, for seeing the great need for what we’re doing, and for being generous.

I truly believe that the Register’s influence will turn out to be way out of proportion to its size.

We are reporting what the Church teaches about what is happening today—and we are reporting what is happening today in the Church. That means we’re telling the true story of our time; the story history will tell.

And we—literally—couldn’t do it without you.

We’ll have good stuff up to help with your Triduum—I posted it now so that it will appear through the weekend. Make sure and check it out.

God bless!