Need some hope after the election? Here are the exciting pro-life apostolates we have featured in the newspaper in the past few weeks:

VirtueMedia’s ads that they say have saved thousands of lives.

The moving story about blogger-priest Father James Farfaglia and his parish’s pro-life victories.

Different ways people are “Battling for Life Online.

Eric Scheidler carrying the Scheidler family pro-life tradition into the 21st century.

“Manadatum” Catholic colleges’ March for Life plans.

The Princeton-originated Love and Fidelity Network.

The Daily Blog covered the work of the group Live Action Films.

Those are all from December. From November and October:

The Human Life Alliance, “Telling Truth to Youth” about abortion.

Feminists for Life rolling out college videos.

And last but certainly not least: The Other Youth Vote.

The good news: The list is far from exhaustive. Even now we have reporters working on stories about new such apostolates. Stay tuned to learn how to make use of their tools — and how to support them.

— Tom Hoopes