Catholics!  The Vatican!  Pope!  Where, oh where can the secular media find some useful and accurate information about these strange and mysterious things?  Normally, reporters will flip through their rolodexes straight to a reliable source like this guy


Or they consult with a panel of experts like these

or, if they need clarity on some heavy doctrinal issues, they consult with someone like this

or, if they're just looking for the word on the street from your average well-catechised Catholic layman, they'll seek out this fellow


But there's been an alarming trend in the last few weeks.  The secular, mainstream media is getting their information from . . . wait for it . . . actual Catholics.  Like, people who know things, and aren't in flagrant dissent, and can talk about doctrine without drooling on their shirtfronts.  Check it out:

NBC News has hired Fr. Robert Barron for on-air commentary about the papal election.

NPR regularly consults with Rocco Palmo, and they had Brandon Vogt on the air yesterday.   

And Princeton's Robert P. George was on NPR's On Point this morning .

Oh, it's just a drop in the bucket, of course.  Even atheists have noticed that the secular media has no problem lying through their teeth when it comes to the Church, (h/t Mark Shea) and there's no way that's going to change. 

But a drop is better than nothing!  People do listen to the news, and it's tremendously encouraging to know that intelligent, articulate, well-informed, and engaging Catholics are getting some air time.  So don't be discouraged. The truth will never be quenched entirely.  The Church has so many valiant soldiers who are ready for battle.

Have you been following the secular media's coverage of Catholic news?  Who would you like to see in front of the camera?