Almost 20% of teen births are not a first child

Plan B for Everyone of All Ages!

We must continue our Civilizational Mission to the rest of the world! They hate us for our freedom! America: The Light and the Glory! Our enemies are motivated solely by Envy. We are the gold standard by which all other cultures are to be measured.

C.S. Lewis once remarked that he was a converted pagan living among apostate Puritans. This is true in spades here in the US, where the Puritan certitude about our mission to save world continues on, like a careening headless robot, long after the robot has been reprogrammed to bring the gospel of democratic capitalist hedonism, militarism, and relativism--not Jesus Christ--. to the rest of the world. In so doing, we now act in preparation for the enslavement and murder of the many by the few, insanely wealthy, and untouchably powerful.

How many? Well, our national baseline of 1.4 million murdered each year is the minimum, of course. But as we continue seeing to exportation of contraception, abortion, and arms--as well cooperation with despots who reduce their subject populations to slaves of our corporations abroad, I'm sure we can improve on the death and enslavement toll.

It is interesting to me that when Jesus was tempted, there seems to have been no appeal to the first thing most Americans think of when they think of temptation: lust. I suspect that's because lust is primarily a tool used by hell to render the majority of people prey to stupid distractions. When hell *really* wants to make a human being a tool of destruction to wield against huge numbers of people, it tempts them not with sex, but with power.

The great tyrants of the 20th century seem to have had little interest in sex. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot--none of the great butchers impress us as sex addicts. Their corruption was deeper and centered on pride and anger and envy, the really deep and corrupting ice cold evils of the soul rather than the warm and relatively more human sins of the flesh. It is there that the devil concentrates his fire with Jesus, offering him all the kingdoms of the world.

That's why I regard our generation's obsession with sex as a temporary "softening" campaign by hell to make us helpless in preparation for what's to come. It's not the main event in hell's war on us. That will come from people who can't be tempted by sex--because they have already succumbed to the temptation to ruthless power, pride, greed, envy, and rage. Our flabby culture will have no idea how to respond to them, because we will have no idea what the virtues of prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, faith, hope, or love are anymore.

Unless, of course, we repent and start learning, which it is possible to start doing right this very second.