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If the Supreme Court does not uphold ‘Roe’ when it decides ‘Dobbs,’ abortion could be left up to individual states. The WHPA threatens these state laws.

US Senate to Vote on Pro-Abortion Women’s Health Protection Act

SBA List warned that the WHPA would ‘nullify pro-life laws in states across the country, including late-term abortion limits when unborn children can feel pain, waiting periods, informed-consent laws, anti-discrimination laws, and more.’ The vote is scheduled for Feb. 28.

Anti-abortion activists demonstrate outside the U.S. Supreme Court building Monday in Washington, DC.

The Women’s Health Protection Act and Vatican Updates (Oct. 9)

The Biden Administration promised a “whole government” response to the pro-life Texas heartbeat law and last week we saw Congress act on that when House Democrats passed the Women’s Health Protection Act. How are pro-life advocates responding to this federal push for so-called abortion rights? Catherine Hadro, host and managing editor of EWTN’s Pro-life Weekly, weighs in. Then Register’s Rome correspondent Edward Pentin reports on the latest Vatican news, including the trial related to Cardinal Angelo Becciu.