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From Writing Jokes to Sacred Songs

In his job-hopping, soul-searching pre-seminary days, Father Bill Quinlivan was something of a funny man, penning a movie script, pitching a sitcom and schlepping jokes at $10 a pop to Joan Rivers (one of them delivered on “The Tonight Show”). Now he’s focusing on sacred music; his latest CD, which celebrates the priesthood, is apropos for the Year for Priests.

Place of Light

English St. Odilia was martyred in Germany in the fourth century. But she is remembered on her feast day, July 18, and at the Shrine of St. Odilia in Minnesota.

Loss in Translation

With the recent incomplete vote by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on the translation of another part of the Mass, the Register considers the significance of the discussion.

Work in Progress

Health-care reform has been moving through Congress, and bishops, Catholic medical experts and ethicists are following the developments.