Will the University of Notre Dame Continue to Betray Its Catholic Identity, Marriage and Much More!

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Will the University of Notre Dame Continue to Betray its Catholic Identity? by Patrick J. Reilly of Crisis Magazine - BigPulpit.com

We Must Resist a Very Bad Idea Emerging from the German Church – Father Alexander Lucie-Smith, Catholic Herald Magazine

Why the Devil Hates Sacred Music – Philip Kosloski, Armor of God

Back in Prison, Mary Wagner Inspires Pro-Lifers World-Wide - Dorothy Cummings McLean, The Catholic World Report

Cardinal Müller: It Would be ‘Anti-Catholic’ to Let (German) Bishops’ Conference(s) Decide Doctrine – Catholic Herald Magazine

USCCB Tells Congress: Restore Religious Freedom, Rescind These Laws! – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace

Why I’m Catholic: Ex-London Gangster Returns to the Faith - John Pridmore, Aleteia∝

Books on Synod of the Family 2015 Publishers Suing Each Other – Fr. Z’s Blog

Defender of the (Eastern) Faith: Prince Charles! – Ed West, Catholic Herald Magazine

Marriage and Marketing – Donald DeMarco PhD, Truth and Charity Forum

On Integrating Latin Mass Parishes into Church Life – Jared M. Silvey, Crisis Magazine

Freedom, Rights, and the Cruz Announcement – Father James V. Schall SJ, The Catholic World Report

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