Where Does Lent Come From, Humanae Vitae, Fishing Fisherman, Introduction to Fasting, and much more!

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Fishing for Fishermen (St. Mark1:14-20) - Fr. John Bartunek, Catholic Spiritual Direction

The Key to True Fasting - Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Some In Mainstream Media In Full Anti-Catholic Meltdown Mode - Dave Hartline, The American Catholic

Introduction to Lent: Fasting - Mick Aquilina, The Way Of The Fathers

Sterilization at Catholic Hospitals - Sandra Hapenney, The Catholic Thing

Abstinence & Fasting: Just Do It! - Fr. Philip Neri Powell OP PhD, Domine da mihi hanc aquam!

Abortion Safer than Childbirth? - Lucia Muchova, Turtle Bay and Beyond

A Supposedly “Catholic” Education - Fr. Simon Henry, Offerimus Tibi Domine

Ave Maria University Sues Fed - Royce, Ignitum Today

Teaching Our Kids to Handle Adversity - Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™

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