The Register’s Scoops of 2007

If you read the Register in 2007, you read some major stories that you simply wouldn’t have heard about otherwise.

We covered the major news story about the frightening numbers involved in the Teacher Abuse Scandal and asked newspapers like the Boston Globe why they were ignoring it.

• In stories like “Killed for Being a Girl” we studied the huge uptick in sex-selection abortions.

• We described how “England Outlaws Catholic Teaching”about homosexuality even in Catholic schools with a new “non-discrimination law.”

• We also reported the major problems of the now mandated HPV Vaccine.

We followed cutting edge life issues:

• Stem-cell breakthroughs

• Pharmacists’ conscience battles

• The abortion-breast-cancer link

• Planned Parenthood clinics’ cover-up of statuatory rape victims.

And where else would you have read about:

• Pope Benedict XVI donating shoes to Minneapolis poor kids.

• The Italian Church’s search for more exorcists.

• The tragic story of a hospital aborting the wrong twin.

• … and “The Rise of the new Catholic Colleges”?

Our stories helped alert Catholics to problems in the secular culture.

“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Less Like Christmas”gave readers the list of which retailers are refusing to acknowledge Christmas, and which ones are not.

“Voice of the Faithful Stops Claiming Doctrinal Fidelity” showed how that organization is now more open about its dissenting status.

“Assessing Parish Safety” looked at the evidence from abuse programs.

“When Worlds That Should Collide, Don’t” explored attempts to mix Buddhism and Christianity.

As to politics, we not only examined the candidates, we gave you stories no one else had.

• Pro-lifers assessed “pro-life” Democrat Sen. Robert Casey’s voting record in the Senate, one of several stories we brought you about pro-life Democrats.

“S-Chipping Away at Pro-Life Protections” revealed the untold story of the S-Chip Controversy: It could lead to partially federally funded abortions in a dozen states.

• The secular media covered the story of John Edwards’ anti-Catholic bloggers, but we gave you the whole story in “Edwards Embraces Bloggers.”

Another favorite thing we like to do at the Register is point to innovative programs invented by ordinary Catholics to solve problems in the world. Often, the headlines tell the story:

“Catholics Answer the Gang Problem”

“YouTube Catholics”

“Defend Us — In Song,” about a contest to put the St. Michael prayer to music. Organizers thanked the Register; most of the contest’s entries were sent in because of our story.

“The Megamission s in Mexico”

“Project Moses Outpacing ACLU on Ten Commandments” about a group that erects Ten Commandments monuments in public places.

We also were able to provide some great information about the faith in easy-to-digest packages.

“Easter Evidence,” including our “10 Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection.”

“A Titanic Hoax,” refuting the high-profile documentary about Jesus’ family tomb.

“AIDS and Abstinence,” giving you the facts about how condom promotions increase the instances of AIDS.

“Celibacy: Deep Roots, Modern Uses,” our two-part series about the practical and spiritual benefits of a celibate priesthood.

“Congress vs. Science,” a story about the new Democratic Congress’ aggressive push to transfer money from taxpayers’ paychecks into the pockets of clone-and-kill scientists.

All of this while providing you with weekly travel destinations, TV picks, video picks, movie reviews, book picks, family advice, commentary and opinion. It looks like quite a lot in retrospect, but it’s energizing to be able to offer this great content to the Church each week. Thank you for giving us the means to do it.

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