The Great Spiritual and Economic Value of Small Family Farms; Aquinas and Homosexuality, and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

St. Thomas Aquinas and Homosexuality: Five Dominicans Respond to Adriano Oliva by Fr. Blankenhorn O.P. et al, of First Things - Big Pulpit

After Making a Commitment to Give God 1% of My Life, My Spiritual Life Flourished – Gary Jansen, The Catholic Herald

Does the Pope Really Think Jesus Sinned? – Scott Eric Alt, Catholic Stand

The Inestimable Spiritual and Economic Value of Small Family Farms – Richard Aleman, The Distributist Review

Protestantization, Flops, and the Management of Expectations by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf of Fr. Z’s Blog - Big Pulpit

The March for Life: Feeling Like Part of Something Big – Gretchen R. Crowe, O.S.V. Newsweekly

Detachment – Thomas Clements, Ignitum Today

Three Simple Rules For Happiness – Fulton Sheen, The Catholic Gentleman

The Sham Science on Gay Parenting – Matthew Hennessey, Crisis Magazine

Business:  The Idea of Big Business Being Wrong –  Thomas Storck, The Distributist Review

How Is Your Traditional Latin Mass Doing? – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

Catholic Care Home Sued for Refusing Euthanasia in Belgium – Simon Caldwell, The Catholic Herald

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