Television Episodes Every Catholic Should Watch, How to Identify a Healthy Culture, and Much More!

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10 Episodes of Television Every Catholic Should Watch by Doug Johnson of Epic Pew - Big Pulpit

How to Identify a Healthy Culture – Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

Jesus Christ, Conquerer of Satan – Matthew James Christoff, Catholic Stand

Calling God ‘Mother’, Do You Preach a Sexist Jesus? - Sister Theresa Aletheia Nobel, Pursued by Truth

Do the Incredible – Ignitum Today

Understanding ‘Senseless’ Deaths – Ellen Wilson Fielding, The Catholic Thing

Galileo Was Right, But So Were His Critics – Kevin Schmiesing, The Catholic World Report

Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo Surrenders to the Culture of Death – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Flannery O’Connor’s Work Driven by Obsession with Immortality and the Soul – Mary O’Regan, Catholic Herald Magazine

Africa’s Catholic Population has Grown by 238 % Since 1980 – Mark Pattison, Catholic Herald Magazine

Are You Prepared for the Coming Persecution? How to Get Ready - Father Robert McTeigue SJ, Aleteia∝

A Return from Exile: 10 Papal Statements on Education and The Rights of Parents – John Clark, Seton Magazine

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