Meet the Cardinal who Recharges for Battle by Fasting from Food and Water, Trials of Trust and More!

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Meet the Cardinal who ‘Recharges for Battle’ by Fasting from Food & Water by Jack Carrigan of the Catholic Herald - Big Pulpit

Rome: Huge Crowd for Family Day; One Man, One Woman; Success! – Fr. Z’s Blog

Prayer, How to Get Started – David Torkington, Catholic Stand

Minaret and Muslims in Mexican City Set to Host Pope Francis – Yemeli Ortega, A.F.P.

Trials of Trust – Marissa Standage, Ignitum Today

Eliminating Poverty or Eliminating Children? – Steven W. Mosher, Catholic Lane

Europe’s Feckless Secularism – William McGurn, The Wall Street Journal

What Did Christ Really Look Like? – David Clayton, New Liturgical Movement

Are You Getting Outside Enough? – Joel Woods, Maccabee Society

Evolution Directed by God? The Lactase Persistence Gene – Reflections of a Catholic Scientist

Wherein Fr. Z Promotes Monkish Beer!  From the Benedictine Monks in Norcia – Fr. Z’s Blog

Who are the Real Anti-Semites? – William Kilpatrick, The Catholic World Report

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