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Former Imam Faces Persecution for Converting to Catholicism.  Click on the link by Maria Gomes to read more.
Former Imam Faces Persecution for Converting to Catholicism. Click on the link by Maria Gomes to read more. (photo: This is not the actual Imam, just a representation of an Imam.)

Former Imam Faces Persecution for Converting to Catholicism - Maria Gomes,

Analyzing the Reason Rally - Ben, Two Catholic Men and a Blog

IVF’s Barren Wasteland - Judie Brown, Catholic Lane

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<div id="Blog_Edwards" style="padding-right:10px; padding-top:5px; padding-bottom:5px; float:left;" '=""> Great Pic of Seminarians Praying in Front of an Abortuary - Father Philip G. Johnson, in caritate non ficta


Kindness Can Kill if Love is Unwilling to Wound - Monsignor Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Secular Inhumanity: Hatred of the Past - Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

Labor Lessons - Leah Jacobson, Ignitum Today

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President Donald Trump during his speech at a "Thank You" Tour rally held at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pa.

President Trump: ‘Faith in God’ Helps Unite Nation

In an apparent reference to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and months of demonstrations and civil unrest across several U.S. cities over racial justice issues, Trump said that faith was an important support for civil and national unity.