Before 'Noah': Top 100 Proudly Catholic Movies; Chivalry and the Single Girl and More!

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Before Noah: Top 100 Proudly Catholic Movies by Tom Hoopes of Catholic Vote -

All Catholics Obliged to Oppose Legal Recognition of 'Same-Sex marriage' – Rebecca Hamilton, Public Catholic

Dr. Quirino Sugon, Jr.: A Scientist & a Theist – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today

Chivalry & the Single Girl – Mary Beth Baker, Aleteia

The Secret To Win-Win Business Deals – Christina Weber, Catholic Stand

Fidelity to Spouses & Christ’s Words – Fr. Gerald Murray, The Catholic Thing

President Obama’s Gift to Pope Francis Spotlights Religious Liberty – Maria Wiering, The Baltimore Catholic Review

Jesus, Savior of the World, Save Them! – Mary Kaufman, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Let’s Be Honest About “Women’s Choice” – Beatrice Fedor, Catholic Lane

What Do We Really Know of Noah? – Mark Armstrong, Integrated Catholic Life™

Pope Francis’ Magic Mix Transforming Papacy –

The Acts We Perform & the People We Become – Fr. Robert Barron, Strange Notions

PopeWatch: Congress – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Pope Francis Meets with President Obama (Video) – The Catholic Herald

Catholic in the Cubicle, Part 2: Interacting with Co-Workers – Sam Guzman, Catholic Exchange

St. Rupert of Salzburg – Catholic Exchange

Why I’ll Be Seeing Noah – Leroy Huizenga, The CWR Blog

Catholic University of America Professors Release Catechism for Business – Kelly Conroy, Catholic Education Daily

U. K.: Law Society Pushing Sharia; It’s Hostile to Christian Values – William Oddie, The Catholic Herald

Bishop Hopes: Brits Shouldn’t Be Surprised by Incineration of Children – Madeleine Teahan, The Catholic Herald

Banning Books Sent to Prisoners Is Politics of Thuggish Nation – Max Wind-Come, The Catholic Herald

Channel 4′s Documentary Shows Church as Scarlet Woman of Propaganda – Francis Phillips, The Catholic Herald

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