Atheist Identifies Problem with Same-Sex 'Marriage'; Videos to Warm the Soul and More!

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Atheist Identifies Problem with Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ by C. E. Olson -

9 Videos that Warm the Catholic Soul - H. H. Ambrose, Saint Peter’s List

Why I Love M*A*S*H - Burke Ingraffia, Ignitum Today

Oh, Chastity Is Too Hard? Man Up! - Matt Fradd, Catholic Answers

Marriage Prep Classes Don’t Teach You How to Fight - Leticia Adams, Catholic Stand

Help! My Children Aren’t Catholic Anymore! – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Why a Kid Can Demolish Materialism - Stacy Trasancos PhD

My Retirement From Blogging, New Chapter for NLM – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

I. R. S. Targets Catholic Critics of Obama Regime – Stephen M. Krason, Cris Magazine

Parishioner At The Back Of Confession Line Sure Is Optimistic - The Eye of the Tiber

What Do Women Want from Men? – Lorraine Murray, Integrated Catholic Life™

“How the West Really Lost God” – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing

Accuser’s Claims of Abuse ‘Different Versions of Reality’ - David F. Pierre Jr., The Media Report

Are Catholic Universities Still Committed to Families? - Patrick J. Reilly, Catholic Education Daily

Quick, Label Me! - Marc Barnes, Bad Catholic

Transitions: Breast Cancer - Erika, Catholic Sistas

Pearls before Swine and the New Evangelization - Micah Murphy, Truth & Charity

Quæritur: Why Won’t the Bishop Let a Priest Say the E. F. Mass? - Fr. Z's Blog

Have We Turned Into Evangelistic Jellyfish? - Jon Sorensen, Catholic Answers

Three Takes on Thomas Nagel - Anna Williams, First Thoughts, First Things

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