Archbishop O'Brien Asks Catholic Gov. O'Malley Not to Support Same-Sex 'Marriage'

'I write to urge you to refrain from using the power of your office to promote the redefinition of marriage in Maryland,' the archbishop wrote to the governor.

(photo: via EWTN News website)

BALTIMORE (EWTN News) — Archbishop Edwin O’Brien of Baltimore has appealed to Catholic Gov. Martin O’Malley to act in line with his faith and retract his support for proposed same-sex “marriage” legislation.

“I write to urge you to refrain from using the power of your office to promote the redefinition of marriage in Maryland,” Archbishop O’Brien wrote in a letter to the governor, calling it “a goal that so deeply conflicts with your faith, not to mention the best interests of our society.” 

The archbishop sent his letter two days before Gov. O’Malley decided on July 22 to include same-sex “marriage” in a package of bills that he will sponsor during the 2012 General Assembly.

Although same-sex “marriage” legislation passed the Maryland Senate earlier this year, it was halted in the House of Delegates after it became evident that the measure lacked full support.

“Our voices are not motivated by hate or ignorance, but by a faithful adherence to the nature of men and women and their unique capacities as mothers and fathers,” the archbishop noted. “Nor do we speak solely from religious principles.”

“Preserving the central role of the natural family unit has always been — and should continue to be — the reason why our government recognizes marriage as existing between one man and one woman.”

Archbishop O’Brien told the governor that the passage of similar legislation in New York last month has “intensified pressure on you to lend your active support to legislation to redefine marriage.”

However, “Maryland is not New York,” he underscored.

“We urge you not to allow your role as leader of our state to be used in allowing the debate surrounding the definition of marriage to be determined by mere political expediency. The people of Maryland deserve no less.”

Archbishop O’Brien said it is “especially hard to fathom” O’Malley supporting same-sex “marriage” legislation, given that “our requests last year for you to sponsor legislation to repeal the death penalty and support students in Catholic and other non-public schools were unheeded.”

O’Malley responded to Archbishop O’Brien on Aug. 4, saying that he agrees with many of the Church’s beliefs. According to The Washington Post, Gov. O’Malley often attends daily Mass, and his four children attend Catholic schools. 

However, the governor told Archbishop O’Brien that he had “a public obligation” to try to change what he called an “injustice.”