Writers’ Guidelines & Letter to the Editor

Freelancer queries can also be sent to the Editor. The National Catholic Register rarely accepts unsolicited manuscripts. We may consider such submissions, but we cannot take responsibility for the return of any unsolicited material.

We prefer proposals to unsolicited manuscripts. The proposal should give a good idea of the angle and content of the prospective article or column and, where applicable, prospective sources should be identified. The proposal should target a specific section of the Register and reflect familiarity with both that section in particular and the publication in general. If you haven’t written for the Register previously, your proposal should include your relevant qualifications and you should send samples of your published writings.

To submit a letter to the editor, contact Managing Editor Tom Wehner. 

To maximize your chances of publication, please be concise (400 words) and stay on point. You also help us hear you when you point out which Register item you’re responding to. (Headline and issue date will do.) Please make sure to include your name, city and state. Or write:

National Catholic Register, Attn: Letters to the Editor

5817 Old Leeds Road

Irondale, AL 35210