Submissions & Reprint Permissions

Freelance Submissions 

The National Catholic Register rarely accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Although this is the case, we may consider such submissions, but we cannot take responsibility for the return of any unsolicited material.

We prefer proposals to unsolicited manuscripts.

Proposal Submission Guidelines: 

  • Must give a good idea of the angle and content of the prospective article or column.
  • Must identify prospective sources, where applicable.
  • Must target a specific section of the Register.
  • Must reflect familiarity with both that section in particular and the Register in general.

If you haven’t written for the Register previously, your proposal should include your relevant qualifications writing for a Catholic publication and attached samples of your published writings.

Proposals can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to: 

National Catholic Register
P.O. Box 100699
Irondale, AL 35210

Letters to the Editor 

Letter to the Editor Submission Guidelines:

  • Must be no more than 400 words.
  • Must include sender's first & last name, city, and state - we will honor requests for anonymity in print.
  • Must mention Register item you’re responding to - headline and issue date will do.

**The Register reserves the right to edit submissions as needed.

Letters to the Editor can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to: 

National Catholic Register
Attn: Letters to the Editor
P.O. Box 100699
Irondale, AL 35210

Reproduction or Reuse of Register content

All content in the National Catholic Register's print or online publications, emails, social media sites and RSS feeds is copyrighted material.  Reproduction or reuse of any material from Register properties without written permission from EWTN News, Inc. is strictly prohibited.

The Register's RSS feeds are intended for private, personal use.  Permission is granted to republish any public RSS feed on personal, non-commercial websites and blogs under the condition that no content or URLs in the feed are modified, and that feed items are not filtered, re-ordered, or removed.  Unlicensed commercial use or monetization of National Catholic Register RSS feeds by any means is strictly prohibited.  This includes publication on websites or emails that sell advertising, and subscription-only sites or email services. 

To obtain reprint or reuse permission, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  • The URL of the article or RSS feed you wish to republish
  • The publication or website in which the article or feed will be published
  • A description of specifically how the article or RSS feed is to be used
  • Your contact information (name, email address, and phone)

We cannot grant reprint permissions for use of images.  Permission must be secured from the image owner or copyright holder.